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A new beginning

Many young people are looking for a new education at the end of the year, which is also a new adventure for them. The people, who have had to make this choice in the past, know that this is a very difficult decision.

There are many different courses at home and abroad. Fortunately, there are many different possibilities to discover and understand these training courses, so that young people can ultimately make the right choice for their future.

Marketing training

In the Netherlands, various courses are also offered in the field of marketing and communication. Here you will learn everything about how you can best bring a product to the consumer. During this training, you will also learn difficult concepts such as customer journey mapping and UX research. All these concepts ensure that companies can ensure that they are sold as many products or services as possible.

Customer journey mapping is used to find out how customers behave, what they still buy, etc. In this way, a company can find out who the target group is and how they can respond to this. UX research also has to do with customer journey mapping, only UX research is another method.

Other courses

The healthcare courses in the Netherlands are also very popular, but that’s a good thing! There is a shortage of healthcare personnel in the Netherlands. Many hospitals and care homes have a shortage of people, which means that clients and patients receive too little care. This can all cause a lot of problems. Hopefully the current healthcare students will ensure that this problem is solved in the future.

Open days

To make the best choice as a student, several open days have been organized at schools. This is a day where everyone can come to the school and an explanation is given about the training. In this way, the student can already gain a lot of information and see the inside of the school. There are also walking days, these are days when you literally walk with another student for a day in their school day. This day is decisive for many students because you can see up close what the program has to offer. Are you a student and not sure which program to choose? Then definitely go to an open day and spend a day with a student from the study program!