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“At the peak” – a quick review of the book by Brad Stahlberg and Steve Magness

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How to always be productive, not get tired and not “burn out” at work? Brad Stahlberg and Steve Magness, authors of the book “At the Peak”, decided to find out the answer to this question. Both authors once “burned out” themselves at work. Brad has been a successful consultant at McKinsey, a prestigious international consulting firm. He worked for wear 5 days a week, took work on weekends. He was appreciated in the agency, he rose to the point that he began to advise the US government. However, something went wrong and he decided to quit his job. And Steve is a track and field athlete. He trained so hard that he forgot about everything: his personal life, girlfriend, friends, loved ones. When the girl left him, he did not even notice. He continued to train, win new cups and medals, set new records. But this did not please him at all. Having conquered one peak, he strove with might and main to another. Not surprisingly, Steve didn’t last long. He burned out and gave up sports completely. But Steve and Brad didn’t give up. They looked for ways to increase productivity without compromising rest and fulfilling lives. The result of their research and experiments was the book “At the peak”. In our review, we will tell you about 5 effective techniques from the book that will help you pump your productivity.

Sleep more and pay close attention to the quality of your sleep

It may seem strange to some, but sleep is very important to increase productivity. Sleep not only restores our body, but also gives a huge impetus to the awakening of creative thinking. Research conducted on the American professional basketball team found that athletes who slept for at least 10 hours performed better than those who slept less. If you don’t play sports and have less stressful work, still get at least 7-9 hours of sleep. At the same time, try to go to bed and get up in accordance with your chronotype. If you are an early riser, then go to bed until 10 pm and get up at seven. On weekends, too, do not deviate too much from this time. Owls can go to bed after midnight, but get up at 9-10 am. Then you can show maximum productivity throughout the day.

Take long breaks

It doesn’t matter where and in what field you work, you should have at least 1 day in a week that you can devote to yourself and your loved ones. On this day off, disconnect from all work communications. Forget about rush jobs and problems. Relax!

Forget multitasking

We are simply not adapted to this style of work; huge resources of the body are spent on it. Because every time you switch to a new task, your brain takes time to adapt to complete it. It takes a lot of effort, although at first you won’t notice it. So go into single task mode. Pay attention to only one task at a time

Make fewer small decisions

Why do you think Mark Zuckerberg and other successful entrepreneurs always wear the same clothes? Mark, when asked why he does this, replied that his wardrobe consists of the same things, because he does not want to spend energy deciding which suit to wear to work today. And this is correct, because our volitional resources, as scientists have proven, are not unlimited. By making various decisions, you literally deprive yourself of this valuable resource. What to wear today? What to eat for breakfast? Take the metro or bus? All these small questions take up an incredible amount of willpower. Therefore, if you are working on complex and responsible projects, then literally limit yourself to making small decisions.

Choose your environment wisely

Each of us has so-called “mirror neurons” that imperceptibly from our consciousness copy the behavior of others. It is an evolutionary defense mechanism that helps us survive and quickly adapt to our environment. Therefore, if you find yourself in a toxic environment, where everyone weaves intrigues against each other, slander, gossip and substitute their colleagues, then soon, without noticing it, you will acquire all these negative qualities. It is useless to resist. The transition will be imperceptible, your mirror neurons will do everything for you. And, of course, this will have a huge impact on your productivity. Whiner colleagues and schemers will suck all the juices out of you and will not let you work effectively. The only way out is to leave such a team as soon as possible before it has “infected” you with its negativity.


In the book by Brad Stahlberg and Steve Magness “At the peak. How to Maintain Maximum Performance Without Burnout ”15 more effective and simple techniques to help increase productivity and make your life more conscious. The book is read in one breath. Full of striking and practical examples. Recommended reading!

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