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Here Are the Top 6 Richest Bitcoin Addresses

Of the 17 million Bitcoins currently in circulation, we know that less than one BTC is stored in a tremendous amount for Bitcoin addresses but some have enormous amounts of Bitcoin.

More than 10,000 Bitcoin is concentrated in 115 addresses, representing 20 per cent of all Bitcoin currently available. If we also put about 1,000-10,000 coins in the equation addresses, 40 percent of all BTC holdings are concentrated in the first 1658 addresses, or 0.01 percent of the entire list of addresses.

As one might assume, crypto-currency exchanges currently own the top addresses to have the most Bitcoins. Such addresses contain 3.5 percent of all Bitcoins currently in existence, containing a total of 592.943 Bitcoins, valued at $3.150 billion worth.

In today’s article we’ll look at the richest Bitcoin addresses in the world and their owners.


Binance is the largest volumetric crypto exchange. About 141,096 BTCs are currently stored in its cold wallet, a sum worth $749 million, representing 0.8117 percent of all BTCs available.


Hong Kong based Bitfinex holds the second richest BTC address. The wallet is home to almost 138,661 Bitcoins, which have a total value of $736 million, reflecting a proportion of 0.7977 of all the bitcoins that circulate.


Not only is this Singaporean crypto exchange Huobi third by volumes trading, it also occupies third place as the holders of one of the wealthiest Bitcoin addresses. In its wallet, the exchange stores about 108,135 Bitcoins. The sum amounts to $574 million and constitutes 0.622 percent of all the existing bitcoins.


The Bittrex exchange, based in Seattle, was launched in February 2014, and ranks the lowest in terms of daily trading volume, currently occupying the 40th spot. However, its wallet is the top four richest BTC addresses, currently holding a $569 million hoard of 107,203 BTCs. This total constitutes 0.6167 per cent of all circulating BTCs.


Bitstamp holds 97,848 Bitcoins in its wallet, making it the fifth wealthiest BTC address in our survey. The worth amounts to almost $519 million, which constitutes 0.5629 per cent of all current BTCs.

In addition to crypto exchanges, there are several individuals who also managed to collect a large amount of Bitcoin.

Winklevoss Twins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of the Gemini crypto exchange, announced to the press back in 2013 that they were buying $11 million worth of bitcoins. BTC was valued at $120, at that time.

Tim Draper

Through collecting fees in the coin on the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht was at one point in time, one of the largest holders of Bitcoin ever to exist. But then Tim Draper happened to be there. He bought 30,000 Bitcoins from one of the lots of Bitcoins from Ross Ulbricht that were sold in a US Marshal Auction. The coins had an estimated value of $400 million.

Many notable individuals known to own BTC in significant amounts are: Barry Silbert, Roger Ver, and Charlie Shrem.

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