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Incrementality is one of the most important concepts in marketing.

How much of an increase in your desired outcome does marketing activity provide? Incrementality testing and measurement can provide the answer. It will tell you the true incremental contribution of your paid media at the channel, tactic, campaign, or ad set level. Your marketing is working, but you don’t know how it’s working. Incrementality testing can help you understand your true incremental return on investment for your marketing activity. If you’re not using it, you’re leaving money on the table.


The most effective way to measure the incremental contribution of media is through experimentation. To measure this, audiences are randomly divided into test and control cohorts. By comparing conversion rates, marketers can get an idea of how much additional traffic each media channel brings in, which gives them better insight into how to get ahead of competitors. Sometimes, the question of whether media investments are worth it can be answered mathematically. To see this, audiences are randomly split into control and test groups. As long as the difference in conversion rates between these two groups is significant, it can be assumed that the investment is considered “worth it.”


Other media tracking methods, such as MMM and MTA, are outdated because they do not measure views or impressions. This means your media portfolio is misjudged because you are only looking at clicks. Incrementality measurement accounts for the impressions and clicks within each of the platforms under test, which gives you a more accurate view of the true contribution of your media across your entire portfolio. The problem with other methods of measurement is that they can’t tell you what people are reading or seeing. It’s not just measuring clicks anymore. Incrementality measurement accounts for impressions and clicks across all platforms being tested. The result will show you the true contribution of your media across your marketing portfolio.Incrementality by Odyssey just does this as it brings you incrementality insights right into Marketing Cloud Intelligence. For Salesforce, marketing attribution has never been easier to implement.


There are many different ways to measure the success of marketing, but one in particular is called incrementality in marketing. Measured provides you with increased attribution in your marketing efforts. It’s easy to set up, as it connects to 100+ different media platforms.