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Netherlands health insurance

Are you looking for a Netherlands health insurance? Then take a look at the insurance from HollandZorg. They are the market leader in health insurances for migrant workers. Everyone who comes to The Netherland to work or live here needs to take out a Dutch health insurance. If you are coming to work for an agency, they can help you with applying for the insurance.

The HollandZorg insurance offers reimbursements that you will actually need as a migrant worker, so you don’t pay for stuff you will never use. For example: if you need to go to the dentist because of an accident, your health insurance Netherlands will pay for that. Also, if you get very sick and need to go back to your home country, HollandZorg will take care of it.

Apply for ‘Zorgtoeslag’ with HollandZorg

Do you take out health insurance through your employer? Then they can apply for ‘Zorgtoeslag’ on your behalf. If your application is approved, the Dutch government will pay you an amount of money each month to help you pay for your health insurance. If you take out insurance yourself, you have to apply for Zorgtoeslag yourself, too.