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WoW Classic Tips for Newbies

Save gold to get your mount as soon as possible. If you have picked another class than warlock or paladin, you will need about 90 gold at level 40 to get your mount. This seems an impossible amount but it’s doable. Don’t spend money on professions. Learn a gathering profession and sell the mats you obtain at the auction house. Don’t buy gear from the auction house. Do quests as they give you WoW Classic gold.

Don’t make your level 60 mount a priority. At level 60, you can obtain the epic riding skill that increases your speed from 60% to 100%. It will cost you 1,000 gold. That’s a lot of money. The speed difference is noticeable and you might be tempted to save your gold for that but, the truth is that there are more important things at max level to spend your gold on. For example, if you are a raider you will need enchants and consumables.

Read a class guide. Discovery is what makes a game fun but the truth is that you won’t be able to figure your class on your own. It’s not your fault, that’s how WoW Classic is. The character display doesn’t even show all the stats. Not all class specializations are viable. Some are just awful for leveling or raiding. Look for a class guide, there are plenty on the internet, and learn how to play your class.

Make a bank alt. Or more if you wish. Bag space is a common problem for MMORPG players. Bags in WoW Classic are expensive for low-level characters and bank space doesn’t come cheap either. Gladly, making an alt is free and you can enjoy extra bank space without spending gold. However, keep in mind that mail service between characters takes about an hour.

Join a guild. MMORPGs are designed to be played with others. Whether you like it or not, you will need to team up with others for group quests and dungeons. You can also do quests with others as it’s faster. Join a guild to make it easier to find players for your activities.

Don’t be a jerk. WoW Classic is all about the community. Players will learn your name and your reputation is entirely up to you. Don’t need items you cannot use, be reliable, and help others if you can. Others will not shy away from not inviting you into groups if word goes around that you are a ninja who’s ruining the game for others.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)