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Madden NFL 21: September Update

On the gameplay side, the patch adds threenew abilities for defenders to the game, Run Committed, Pass Committed and Deflator. It also fixes an issue with the pre-existing Enforcer ability. Several issues around the ball carrier have been fixed, like ball carrier stumbling and falling in an incorrect way after collisions. There are also fixes for defense coverage issues, mainly quick-throw exploit, motion and position issues, reaction problems with the defenders.

Next are the tackling and catching fixes. Concerning tackling, the patch fixes animation issues that sometimes prevented you to perform tackles. It also fixes issues that made offensive linemen warp in a sack after falling. Finally, AI defenders will not celebrate anymore after a fumble if the ball is still live. Concerning the catching, the patch addresses animation issues and bugs and tunes the ball physics to make it more realistic.

Overall, the patch fixes issues concerning the players AI as well as problems the users experienced with their CPU-controlled teammates. The game modes also have their share of fixes in the new update. In Madden Ultimate Team, for example the patch fixes some exploits and brings quality of life improvements to the UI screens. Additionally, the patch changes some gameplay issues in the mode as well as unclear challenge descriptions.

The Franchise mode is a fan favorite as we stated repeatedly. The community has reported various issues the new patch tries to address. It fixes performance, stability and audio issues in the mode and adds a new cut scene to the mode. In the case of Franchise, the patch fixes performance issues and adds three new abilities to the mode. PS4 user issues with Slow Sim have also been addressed while cloud save tiles will now have league names.

The Yard has the longest fix list in the patch notes. This mode is one of the only redeeming feature of the game in the eyes of the fans so Electronic Arts is making sure there are no major issues. The path fixes performance issues, various bugs and add quality of life improvements. A solid patch while waiting for the next-gen version of the game.

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(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)