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Strange hobbies you can take up

Are you looking for something new to try? Or are you just curious about the hobbies people all over the world like to follow? This blog will give you lots of inspiration to find your new hobby!


Aquascaping is a hobby where you create an underwater of half underwater garden. All you need is some aquatic plants, a glass container and some filtered water. You can create your own Atlantis!

Toy Travel

This is another strange hobby where people give their toys the best adventure they can get. They let their toy travel to a fellow hobbyist on the other side of the world. This person will host the toy and take it on adventures. Of course will de owner of the toy be logged with stories of their adventures and pictures.

This seems like a fun hobby, yet a very strange one.

Research chemicals

A hobby especially among people who work with laboratories or chemicals. During research chemicals, hobbyists study chemicals, write reports etc. They test among themselves their knowledge about the research chemicals.

Beetle Fighting

Beetle fighting is an ancient tradition originating in Japan. In beetle fighting, they pit two beetles against each other in a mini arena to fight. Of course, hobbyists gamble on the best beetles. You can follow beetle fights on youtube and other social media accounts.

Extreme ironing

It really is incredible what strange hobbies people have, but extreme ironing is more than a hobby. It is an actual sport.

Extreme ironing involves ironing clothes (or anything else) while practicing an extreme sport. Some people have ironed their clothes while kayaking, rock climbing, flying in a helicopter and even skydiving.